JetBlue Foundation celebrates 10 years of enhancing access and inspiring careers in aviation

JetBlue celebrate the JetBlue Foundation’s successful decade of inspiring humanity beyond air travel. For the last 10 years, the JetBlue Foundation has continued the airline’s efforts to place aviation top-of-mind as a career choice for students by igniting youth interest throughout JetBlue’s network to explore careers in aviation. The Foundation’s mission centers on providing underrepresented youth, such as those in gender and racial minority groups, with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) resources to help the next generation of aviators soar in the boardrooms and hangars of the future.

The JetBlue Foundation is the first and only airline nonprofit dedicated solely to championing diversity in STEM and aviation education, fostering accessible career pathways for the next generation in aviation. Since 2013, the JetBlue Foundation has built lasting relationships with more than 100 STEM- and aviation-focused programs across 16 states plus Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Ecuador and the United Kingdom. Along with mentorships and program support, the JetBlue Foundation has provided over $2.9 million in grants and in-kind support to help these organizations soar, in turn impacting over 40,000 children along the journey.

“Since JetBlue’s beginnings, we’ve always set our sights on inspiring humanity beyond air travel, not only for our customers and crewmembers, but for the various communities we serve. Through the JetBlue Foundation, we have been able to foster inspiration while putting aviation on the map as a career choice for students of all ages and backgrounds,” said Ursula Hurley, president of the JetBlue Foundation. “It is important for youth to see themselves represented in future career choices, and we are proud to celebrate 10 years of the industry-leading work the JetBlue Foundation has done in making aviation a more visible possibility for aspiring aviators throughout our network.”

Over the decade, JetBlue is proud to have made a direct impact on its communities and crewmembers through the JetBlue Foundation and its many initiatives and partners, including one from the airline’s backyard of Long Island City, NY, Aviation High School. Since 2013, the JetBlue Foundation has made five grants, totaling over $100,000, to Aviation High School to help fund and propel its many STEM and aviation related educational programs. From technology improvements and more advanced classroom resources, to welding labs and on-the-tarmac opportunities, the grants provided by the JetBlue Foundation have created a lasting impact for students through the educational opportunities and enhancements. JetBlue is proud to have several crewmembers in its operation who have come to the airline from Aviation High School and have developed a rich and robust career.

“JetBlue and the JetBlue Foundation are crucial supporters of our Federal Aviation Administration aviation maintenance technician public high school. Through many grant opportunities over the past ten years the JetBlue Foundation has enabled our school to provide our diverse student body with enhanced real-world experiences through the acquisition of modern technology and important equipment that have enabled our students to earn their FAA airframe and power plant licenses and gain entry into the aviation maintenance workforce,” said Steven Jackson, Principal of Aviation High School. “We are very proud to have this wonderful partnership as the support of the JetBlue Foundation has made it possible for our students to master the skills that are required to begin their careers in the aviation maintenance industry!”

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