International Airlines Group adopts Airline Economics by Skailark

MUNICH – Skailark, a Data as a Service company which provides its customers with granular, highly accurate cost and revenue data insights announce that International Airlines Group (IAG) will adopt Airline Economics by Skailark.

Skailark will provide IAG with granular data through its Airline Economics platform, a digital twin of the global aviation industry. This will allow IAG to analyze key drivers of costs and revenues of all flights of the largest >350 airlines. Airline Economics will help to optimize decision-making on strategy, sustainability, M&A, fleet and network planning.

Airline Economics uses proprietary advanced machine learning models (ML) to generate relevant cost and revenue data by route, O&D or aircraft type. Cost data can be adjusted by sector length for example to ensure comparability with other operators.

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with IAG as one of the largest airline groups in the world. We are looking forward to supporting IAG with our digital twin, providing the most accurate cost and revenue data in the airline industry through our bottom-up modelling approach.” commented Dr. Christian Soyk, CEO & Founder.

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