Impress your Airbnb guest on their next vacation

Airbnbs are increasingly becoming more popular than hotels now, and if you’re an Airbnb Host I have some tips that can help you up your guest experience. Having clean air is essential, we may not have much control over outdoor air quality but we have full control of indoor air quality. Let’s go over some ways to make staying at your Airbnb more comfortable with updated HVAC systems, cleaning products, and plants.

Upgrading HVAC and air filtration

Modern HVAC systems
If you have an Airbnb property it’s always good to make sure everything in the house works and is up to par, including your HVAC system. Unless you run an outdoor camping style of an Airbnb most homes are equipped to handle an HVAC system. Modern HVAC systems still need constant maintenance and should be checked once a year.

Choosing the right air filtration system
In order for your HVAC to run smoothly for your guest you have to make sure you get the right air filter. Good indoor air quality can make guest more comfortable during their stay and want to come back again. You need to make sure you get the right size air filter for your system to work correctly, measuring is important. You can’t fit a 16x25x1 air filter into a 16x20x1 air filter, exact measurements only. MERV ratings are also important, if you allow animals into the Airbnb or already have animals there then you might need to look into a higher MERV rating to catch the pet dander that’s floating in the air.

Allergen reduction

Regular maintenance and cleaning
Just like you should deep clean after your guest leaves, you should deep clean your air filter slot every time you change the air filter. Most air filters last for 3 months but depending on many factors, like pets, you might need to change it more often. Also cleaning air ducts every 3 to 5 years will help keep the air clean but also helps keep your HVAC working smoothly.

Allergen-free accommodations
Even if you allow pets in your Airbnb property you can still easily make your property an allergen-free space with some of these tips.

Deep clean between guest
Keep windows closed
Run a humidifier
Change air filters regularly
Run an air purifier
Keep property tidy
Brush and wash animals often (If they permanently stay inside the Airbnb)

Products for allergen control
When cleaning try to stay away from products that have harsh fragrances. Artificial fragrances can cause irritation and even nausea. To check to make sure your products are hypoallergenic and non-toxic check the EPA Safer Choice List and Safety Data Sheet. You will surprised by what’s on there. The most common cleaning products that cause asthma and allergies is bleach, sulfuric acid, and ammonia. Double-checking your cleaning products can better your guest experience.

Additional measures

The role of ventilation
Having proper ventilation in your Airbnb helps remove stale air from each room making it easier to breathe in. Even if you have a few months in between guests going in and airing out the rooms with a fan or your ventilation system helps make the environment more comfortable.

Using indoor plants to improve air quality
Air filters aren’t the only way to help clean the air, some plants are known for helping keep the air clean and fresh. They’re also nice to look at and could make your Airbnb feel more homey. Here is a short list of plants that you could add to your Airbnb property:

Queen fern
Snake plant
English ivy

Airbnbs are a fun way to go and see new places, as an Airbnb Host you should help make the experience memorable. Making sure you have good, clean breathing air is just one way to do so. You have many ways to ensure that you can provide good indoor air quality with deep cleaning, working HVAC systems, and plants. Let’s make vacations and getaways more relaxing.

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