How to keep your RV clean while you travel

RVs are fun and convenient ways to travel. Rather than going where there’s accommodation, your form of transport can also be your accommodation. You can park in beautiful places with spectacular views and never spend a dime on a hotel or motel.

However, despite all the benefits associated with RV travel, cleanliness is one thing that often frustrates RV-goers. Keeping your RV clean can be challenging, but it might be easier than you think when you take note of these tips:

Have fewer things
Before you set off to a new location you’ve discovered on travel inspiration platforms like, set time aside to take stock of your possessions. The more you own, the more cluttered your RV can be, and the more time you must dedicate to cleaning.

Just as you might take a minimalist approach to your home, you can do the same for your RV. Invest in items that can serve multiple purposes or will collapse or fold down when not in use. For example, you can purchase a folding table and chairs since these take up less space than non-folding furniture.

Make your RV a footwear-free zone
It’s hard not to stop at some of the most beautiful beaches on an RV holiday. You can relax in the sunshine, take a dip in the water, and return to the comfort of your RV when you grow weary after a day of being outdoors.

Being in sandy, dirty, and dusty environments can be problematic when you’re trying to keep your RV clean. You end up traipsing some of the outdoor elements back inside with you! This might not be such an issue if you make your RV a footwear-free zone. Create a space by your main entrance for the storage of outdoor footwear. You can then change into indoor-only shoes like slippers or socks.

Create a cleaning schedule
Just as you might have a cleaning schedule for your home, you can also have one for your RV. Write a list of tasks you need to do every day, week, and month to keep your RV clean. These can include daily tasks like sweeping the floors and wiping down surfaces, weekly tasks like emptying and refilling tanks and washing bedding, and monthly tasks like cleaning your RV’s exterior and maintaining RV equipment. When you have a list of tasks to work from, creating a regular routine to ensure your RV remains in great shape can be much easier.

Ensure good organization
Unless you already live in a tiny home, you likely won’t be used to living in such a small space for extended periods. It’s easy for RV interiors to fall into a state of chaos with personal possessions and everyday essentials scattered everywhere.

This might be less of a problem if you prioritize organization before leaving on vacation. Purchase storage containers to house your personal possessions, and ensure everything has its own place. Investing in secure storage can also be important so that items don’t move around while you’re driving.

Keeping your RV clean while you travel can seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Creating a cleaning schedule, being a minimalist, leaving shoes outside, and ensuring good organization can all be excellent ways to keep your RV clean for the duration of your travels.

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