Hitch Interactive partners with Tangy Noodle and Airacer to bring Web3 innovation to the food and travel industries

SAN FRANCISCO Hitch Interactive, the company connecting innovators and providing immersive experiences in AI, robotics, fintech, and the Metaverse, announced new partnerships with popular New York eatery, Tangy Noodle, and private jet charter and aviation platform, Airacer. Through the collaborations, the companies are bringing the industry-spanning power of Web3 interactivity to the world of restaurants and on-demand air travel. Both partnerships highlight the utility of Hitch Interactive’s unique Immutable Miniverse Format (IMF) for NFTs, which embeds programmable code directly in an NFT’s artwork – marking a user-centric transformation for NFTs that brings substance to the sector.

Hitch Interactive recently launched the first IMF collection on its Hitch1999 platform – the limited edition Yummy Hamo NFTs celebrating the world’s food. Under the IMF standard, NFTs can deliver self-contained, embedded content, experiences, games and applications not available with traditional NFTs. Unlike a QR code, there’s no reliance on a third party or centralized website that can go offline. The NFTs are decentralized and immutable on the Ethereum blockchain and can be encrypted for private use. The new format bridges Web3 with social media and business use cases.

Tangy Noodle serves up innovation

Tangy Noodle, a popular New York-based Chinese restaurant founded by tech and food entrepreneurs Leon Liu and Chef Xian “Lex” Liu, earned a spot on 2023 Eater ‘best lists,’ 32 Glorious Chinese Restaurants to Try in NYC and 25 Essential Places to Eat in Chelsea. The company has joined forces with Hitch Interactive on the Yummy Hamo NFT project to expand its Web3 presence and attract innovation-minded customers.

Co-founder and CEO of Tangy Noodle Leon Liu said, “New York has always been a bustling city, where there are new places to go and new ventures to explore. We cannot wait to open our doors to new clientele through the Hitch Interactive partnership who have built their success in emerging markets, and we will deploy new technologies such as Web3 to extend our invitation for them to be part of our growing culinary establishments in the city that never sleeps. Tangy Noodle was founded on the belief that eating simple and organic noodles and other savory signature dishes can bring families and friendships closer. We support innovative ways to tell that story and the story of food through programmable NFTs in the Yummy Hamo collection, and we want to help people in our busy world sit back and enjoy casual dining with families and friends.”

New York restaurateurs, like Tangy Noodle, know they are in an epicenter of technological innovation in the U.S., as well as a prime melting pot of food and culinary cultures. Creating exciting brand images and Web3 activations directed at innovators who work and reside in their neighborhoods can foster a kind of cult following of a restaurant’s food and services. IMF-standard programmable NFTs allow a business like Tangy Noodle to customize its business culture, signature dishes, or even an operational virtual restaurant presence on Web3.

In partnership with Hitch Interactive, Tangy Noodle will add Web3 content onto their real estate, website, and social media, with new themes for passionate crypto and Web3 customers. Through the Hitch Salon, an interactive community and social platform for IMF NFT owners, Tangy Noodle can host events and access future innovators and investors who are also members.

Hitch Interactive views the Yummy Hamo NFT collection as a draw to other restaurants. It’s one of the first collections that covers ten global cuisines, including a special category of street foods, where its inspiration was drawn heavily from the signature street food scenes in New York City – and the only programmable collection to do so.

Airacer soars into Web3

Airacer, the one-stop platform for fast, simple, and convenient private jet charters, offers on-demand flights, sky tours, and luxury travel experiences. The New York-based company operating an international B2B and B2C platform to make private aviation more accessible has joined the Yummy Hamo NFT project to expand its Web3 presence and lift up innovators in emerging technology markets.

Founder and CEO of Airacer Wen Wang said, “We jumped at the opportunity to partner with Hitch Interactive on the Yummy Hamo project. This forward-thinking collaboration exemplifies Airacer’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement. Together, we will redefine the future of digital ownership and aviation experiences. The sky is not the limit—it’s the starting point for our journey with Yummy Hamo NFT owners and other members of Hitch Salon. Airacer is looking forward to providing world-class and cost-efficient private transportation services to these clientele.”

Hitch Interactive and Airacer will establish a broad range of cross-platform endeavors that aim to create unique value for the clients of both platforms. First, Airacer will offer each Yummy Hamo NFT owner an annual Gold Membership to receive booking discounts when traveling with Airacer. Hitch Interactive will promote this premium benefit and Airacer’s aviation service to its platform members. Second, Airacer will become Hitch Interactive’s aviation transportation partner to jointly develop exclusive destination events, such as private tours to the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, to the Milan Monza Motor Show (MIMO) in Italy, and to the Indy Autonomous Challenge at the Indy Motor Speedway in Indiana. These destination events will be part of the Yummy Hamo Express. Finally, Hitch Interactive will become Airacer’s technology partner for best-in-class AI, Metaverse, blockchain, and education solutions.

“The rapid rise of AI and blockchain technologies have made the global workforce more individualized and decentralized. Airacer believes the same technologies will have a significant impact on the private aviation industry. Teaming up with Hitch Interactive is an ideal match as we explore the same spaces to create marketing and co-branding opportunities,” added Wang.

Co-founder and CEO of Hitch Interactive Crystal Tang said, “We’re thrilled to announce our strategic partnerships with both Airacer and Tangy Noodle, which aim to bring the power of Web3 interactivity to the food and travel industries. Together with Airacer, we will introduce clients to innovative experiences with the Yummy Hamo Express and deepen our collaboration on disruptive technologies that redefine client experiences. With Tangy Noodle, we’ll work to expand the customer base and excitement around their extraordinary cuisine through the utility and capabilities powered by our new standard in NFT technology. These partnerships represent a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital ownership in the lifestyle sector.”

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