Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority and O‘ahu Visitors Bureau initiate the process to revitalize the content and preservation of the Waikīkī Historic Trail

HONOLULU – In support of the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority’s (HTA) commitment to destination management and visitor education, the Oʻahu Visitors Bureau (OVB) announced the release of a Request for Proposal (RFP) inviting qualified creative content development firms to submit proposals for the revitalization of the iconic Waikīkī Historic Trail.

The Waikīkī Historic Trail serves as a cultural cornerstone, preserving and celebrating the rich history, culture, and geography of Waikīkī. Established in 1997 by the esteemed Dr. George Kanahele, co-founder of the Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association (NaHHA), the trail consists of 21 prominent, bronze surfboard markers that have guided residents and visitors through the vibrant tapestry of Waikīkī offering a profound connection to this wahi pana, or special place.

HTA Board Chair Mufi Hannemann said the trail is a measure of pride for kama‘āina and a source of information for visitors, chronicling the events, achievements, and legacies of historic figures that have made Waikīkī such a significant global destination. “The Waikīkī Historic Trail is instrumental to how we honor Waikīkī’s heritage, both for all those local families who have fond memories going back for generations and also for those visitors who want to explore and learn why Waikīkī is such a remarkable, unmatched experience worldwide,” said Chair Hannemann.

The RFP’s primary objective is to refresh, streamline, and enhance the trail’s content to better align with the interests and sourcing of online information by today’s audiences, ensuring its relevance and accessibility for years to come. The project aims to modernize the trail experience by incorporating engaging interactive elements while preserving its historical and cultural integrity.

HTA Interim President and CEO Daniel Nāhoʻopiʻi noted the project’s ultimate goal is to enhance education for both residents and visitors about Waikīkī, fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich and storied history of Hawaiʻi’s most renowned destination. “The Waikīkī Historic Trail is undergoing an essential improvement in telling the story of Waikīkī, its places and people. It will be particularly engaging for individuals utilizing smartphones and tablets, as they can interact with the surfboard markers and access online information and images in a fun and exciting manner. The project also provides an opportunity to share safety and responsible travel information with the public, further emphasizing respectful behavior in this culturally significant area.”

The Waikīkī Historic Trail project is part of The Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority (HTA)’s Oʻahu Destination Management Action Plan (DMAP), specifically aligned with Action J, which emphasizes collaborative experiences that enrich both residents and visitors. Moreover, Sub-Action J.2 underscores the commitment to promoting lesser-known sites, thereby relieving congestion in overused areas while enhancing visitor experiences through innovative signage, educational offerings, and interactive content.

In addition, through a collaboration with the Honolulu Mayor’s Office of Culture and Art (MOCA) and a committee of Native Hawaiian cultural advisors, the project will ensure accuracy and authenticity in the development and presentation of its content.

“The revitalization of the Waikīkī Historic Trail presents an exciting opportunity to celebrate and share the vibrant heritage of Waikīkī with both residents and visitors,” said Noelani Schilling-Wheeler, Executive Director of Oʻahu Visitors Bureau. “We are eager to partner with creative content development firms to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to this cherished cultural asset.”

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