Greek tourism achieves record-breaking year, focusing on sustainable growth

BRUSSELS – With 27.8 million arrivals in 2022, the year witnessed a strong comeback for Greek tourism. Notably, the January-October period of 2023 showcased a further increase, recording 23 million international air arrivals – an exceptional 10% surge compared to 2022.
Beyond sheer numbers, the sector’s financial impact underscores this success, with tourism revenue soaring by 15% to an anticipated 27 billion euros in 2023, contributing a substantial 12% to Greece’s GDP, outperforming pre-COVID figures by a significant margin.

Eric Dresin, secretary general of ECTAA said “In 2023, Greece was the preferred destination of European travel agents and tour operators and proved to be the one preferred by European travellers too. ECTAA is proud to have contributed to this milestone year in Greek tourism history.”

This pivotal year signals a turning point for Greek tourism, evidencing an impressive recovery marked by heightened arrivals and revenues surpassing pre-pandemic levels. The collective dedication of industry stakeholders has fostered an unparalleled dynamism, propelling Greece ahead with remarkable resilience and development in comparison to regional counterparts post-pandemic. Despite these triumphs, challenges have emerged, including the adverse effects of prolonged heatwaves, major wildfires, and floods in different regions throughout July and September.

Additionally, the escalating average annual temperature poses a potential long-term impact on tourism. To address these concerns, the commitment of Greek authorities and industry stakeholders to invest in sustainable destination practices becomes paramount. Collaborative efforts showcased during the series of roundtables co-organized by ECTAA and GNTO in 2023 underscore the industry’s willingness to embrace change and navigate sustainable growth.

In response to these challenges, Greece has enriched its tourism offerings, extending the traditional tourism season beyond conventional boundaries to cater to evolving preferences for milder temperatures. As a year-round destination, Greece not only promises success but also reinforces the resilience of the tourism sector.

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