Five steps to plan the perfect road trip

It’s hard to beat the sense of adventure that you get on a road trip. But without proper planning, what should be a freeing experience can soon turn into a frustrating one.

So, what can you do to make sure your road trip is as fun as possible?

1. Pick your destination
Finding the right destination for your road trip can often be the most challenging part. Choose the wrong place and the trip could be wasted.

So, it’s worth taking some time to think it out.

Consider the following questions:

How much time do you have
How long do you want to spend driving
What’s the weather like
What are your interests

It can help to shortlist a few possible destinations, before doing deeper research and narrowing the list down to just one.

2. Prepare your car
Even the shortest road trips involve driving your car for longer than usual. So, it’s crucial you make sure it’s in good working order before you set off. You’ll need to perform all essential checks, including fuel levels, fluid levels, tyre pressure and battery. If your tyres are looking on the thinner side, it could also be worth upgrading to midrange brands like Hankook tyres for a better driving experience during your road trip.

3. Plan your stops
Whether it’s to rest, refuel or explore, you’ll want to take a pause from driving during your road trip – at the very least to reduce the risk of sleepy driving. Consider how you can make the most of your stops. Where will you best be able to recharge? Which areas offer the best amenities? And are there any attractions along your route you can explore? Asking yourself questions like these will help your stops much more than just a bathroom break.

4. Book ahead
Regardless of where you want to stay on your road trip, you need to book well in advance. From Airbnb’s to hotels, accommodation tends to sell out quickly, so do everything you can to avoid getting caught out. The same goes for any attractions or activities you want to enjoy.

5. Pack entertainment
Whether you’re going on a road trip with your partner or travelling as a young family, the last thing you want is to get bored. That’s why it’s important you prepare ways to keep yourselves entertained in advance. From downloading episodes of your favourite show and making an amazing road trip playlist to using conversation starters or playing games, there are so many ways to make life on the road more interesting.

Planning the perfect road trip can be a challenge, but you’ll be well on your way after following the steps above. What are you looking forward to most about your upcoming road trip?

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