Family holidays in Cyprus: Best places and activities

Cyprus, an island that echoes with history from old stones and breezes of the sea telling stories about many civilizations. It gives a holiday experience for families which is like dancing between myth and reality. Here, we start an odyssey (not in the real Homeric meaning) to find out about top places and things to do in Cyprus – a family paradise.

How to get around in Cyprus?

Mode of transport

The classic choice for convenience
Can be very expensive

Car Rental
Freedom to explore at your own pace
Insurance waiver, hectic traffic

Public Buses
A budget-friendly way to travel

Larnaca Airport Transfer
Pre-booked ease from the airport to your destination
Slightly more expensive, yet not as much as regular taxis

Why Cyprus
Cyprus, a sentinel at the crossroads of continents, carries within it waves of history that have moulded its character. The island holds stories from ancient city-kingdoms to Venetian walls in Nicosia; it is like a living museum where past moments are always present. This place isn’t just for seeing old places; you can walk on paths where kings and queens once stepped, warriors and traders left their mark. You will sense centuries’ heartbeat under your feet here too.

The island’s nature is so beautiful, ranging from rough coastlines to the green Troodos Mountains. The sound of water gently touching the shore or pine trees talking in mountain wind; all these natural experiences create a harmony that touches your inner self.

The allure of the crystal clear water

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark, full of slides and pools for families, calls to everyone like a paradise of enjoyment in the Mediterranean warmth. Picture children’s laughter spreading through the air as they slide down in water. It is a happy noise mixed with sounds of water.
Nissi beach – A family-friendly place, its golden sand acts as a play area for little ones and those who are still youthful in spirit.
Fig tree bay: Waters so clear, they welcome enthusiasts of snorkeling to explore the tableau beneath. It is full with marine life.

History around every corner

Tombs of the kings: a necropolis hewn from solid rock, a witness (in historical terms) to the island’s regal history. In this place, families can roam through time and delve into tombs that have been sentinels throughout ages.
Kourion archaeological site: Walk through a city-kingdom that was full of life in ancient times, with its large amphitheatre and detailed mosaics.

Embracing nature: Outdoor escapades
Cyprus, with its natural charm, provides a perfect setting for families who want to experience outdoor exploration and fun.

Hiking trails: Explore the serene beauty of Troodos Mountains via its array of hiking trails, providing stunning scenery and an opportunity to embrace nature.
Quad biking: Adventure through rugged terrains on a thrilling quad bike.
Kitesurfing: Harness the wind and surf across the waves.
Jeep safaris: Discover the island’s hidden corners on an off-road safari.
Golfing: Enjoy a round of golf amidst stunning landscapes.
Sailing: Set sail and enjoy the Mediterranean breeze.

Cultural immersion: Festivals and relaxation
Cyprus has a lot of cultural heritage and its festivals show this rich legacy. Families can dive into local customs and feel the island’s festive energy; or perhaps you’d rather spend the day relaxing?

Limassol carnival: A festive spectacle
Parades and Performances: Be part of the joyous Limassol Carnival, with people in vibrant costumes and energetic music parading through the streets.

Leisure and relaxation: Spa and wellness
Families can enjoy relaxing at spa and wellness centers, experiencing treatments that refresh the body and mind after a day of adventure.

With with furry friends

Pafos Zoo: Where the animal kingdom comes alive, offering a glimpse into the diversity of our planet’s inhabitants.
Melios Zoo: A smaller Zoo, nice to visit when in Nicosia, yet can be slightly underwhelming, even if there are lemurs there.

The food of Cyprus: Και καλή μας όρεξη
Cyprus tantalises the palate with its culinary offerings. From the tavernas that dot the landscape to the seafront eateries of Larnaca, each meal is a feast fit for the gods.

Meze: A culinary journey through small dishes, each a revelation of flavour.
Halloumi: Grilled to perfection, this cheese is a staple of Cypriot cuisine.
Souvlaki: Pork or chicken cubes barbecued to perfection. This food is another staple of Cypriot (and Greek) cuisine.
Shieftalia: Solely Cypriot in origin, although with inspiration from the middle east, these sausage-like meat morsels are made from a combination of pork meat encased in the lining of the pig’s stomach, aromatized with herbs and spices. May sounds a bit gross, yet tastes absolutely delightful.

Cyprus, see you soon
To sum it up, Cyprus is more than just a place to visit; it’s a story made from the elements of excitement, peace and finding. It’s an area where families can create their own tales with background of deep blue seas and endless skies. Hence, get ready for the trip – pack your things, prepare transfers in advance and allow Cyprus reveal its many facets to you. Who knows what tales you’ll tell when you return?

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