Essential tips for getting your Thai visa in Bangkok

It’s very easy to get a Thai Visa. This is the case because Thailand as a country is dedicated to making it easy for foreigners to get a Thai Visa. Most people figure out that visiting Bangkok for Thai visa service is a good option. Getting a local company to assist you in all your visa requirements will make the entire process easier. But it’s best if you’re prepared and ever aware of everything that you need to know even before going to Bangkok. This is why we prepared this guide for you. To make your Thai visa application easier, you need to keep the following in mind:

1. Know your visa type
Do you even know the kind of visa that you need? This is essentially the first thing that you need to figure out when you’re preparing for your Thai visa application. This can be easily prepared for if you answer this simple question: what is your purpose?

Will you be in Thailand to study? To relax? To build a business? The kind of visa that you will need will depend on the kind and nature of activities that you will do in Thailand.

2. Know all the visa requirements
Once you already know the kind of visa you need, it will be easier for you to look for the specific requirements that you need to gather, organize, and submit. To get the full list of requirements for the kind of visa that you need, visit the official website of the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in Bangkok.

3. Mind your application forms
The good thing with a Thai visa is that you can easily download the forms that you will need. Upon download, you simply need to fill out and answer all questions in the most accurate and legible fashion. To ensure that you get to answer application forms smoothly, prepare the following: bank accounts, passport photos, required documents, invitation letters, or any relevant document. When there is doubt and you have no idea how to answer a specific question, you could always refer to online guides.

4. Have your passport ready
This is a tricky thing that you need to secure when it comes to your passport: it must still be valid for at least six months beyond your target departure date from Thailand. You need to ensure that your passport still has several blank pages for visa stickers and immigration stamps. If you feel that the space will no longer be enough or the period would already be too short, then it’s best if you could already have your passport renewed.

5. Requirements for photographs
You will need to have a recent passport photo taken for your Thai visa application. All such photos must comply with Thai visa specifications. It must be 3.5 x 4.5 cm. Note though that Thai visa for arrival purposes will require a photo with a 4 x 6 cm size. The photo must also be against a white background. You could smile but your teeth shouldn’t show.

6. Know your financial requirements
It will be hard for you to secure a Thai visa if you’re not financially prepared. The amount of money that you will need will depend on the kind of visa that you will apply for. Thailand will require you to show proof of sufficient funds. You will need to secure bank statements or a letter of sponsorship. Ensure that your bank account has the right amount of money that you need for a Thai visa application.

7. Prepare your application fee
Apart from the bank money or letter of sponsorship that you need to secure, you will also need to pay a separate application fee. You can pay in cash or in a manner that is preferred by the embassy or consulate that you applied to. You should always check the current fee rates in advance before proceeding with your application.

8. Application submission
Upon completion of all the required documents and filling out the necessary forms, you may then submit your application. You can do this by visiting any Thai Embassy or Consulate. You should dedicate a whole day to this as processing time can vary. Take note of office hours and holidays as you wouldn’t want to be too early or present on a day without an office. Call in advance to ask if the Thai Embassy of your choice allows walk-in applications.

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9. Be ready for an interview or a request for additional documents
You may be required to undergo an interview. This will depend on the kind of Thai visa that you’re applying for. An interview would be had with a consular officer should one be needed. You will be asked regarding your travel plans. It’s best if you could already prepare additional documents that may be asked of you like additional proof of identity, bank statements, and hotel bookings.

10. Plan for the collection of your visa
You will need to plan for the collection of your visa in an intentional way. You need to keep in mind that it should be collected within a specific time frame. Upon retrieval of your visa, ensure that all details on your visa sticker are accurate. Never leave the embassy without first ensuring that all details are correct. Be proactive in your application. Always check for updated lists and additional announcements.

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