ECTAA and Greek National Tourism Organisation celebrate a year of remarkable collaboration in driving sustainable tourism

BRUSSELS – The European Travel Agents and Tour Operators Association (ECTAA) and the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) mark a year of unprecedented collaboration fostering sustainable tourism in Greece. Amidst the challenges faced, the organizations have spearheaded initiatives aimed at elevating Greece as a top destination while championing environmental consciousness and sustainable practices within the industry.

The year 2023 witnessed a series of milestone achievements resulting from the joint efforts between ECTAA and GNTO. One of the pivotal events included two online roundtables themed “Greening the Greek Experience,” with industry leaders shedding the light on current sustainable measures within the Greek tourism landscape.

Further solidifying their commitment, ECTAA and GNTO orchestrated an impressive European gathering of travel advisors in Anavyssos, debating topical issues such as distribution, revision of the EU legislation on travel packages. This gathering also served as a platform to exchange insights, promote sustainable services, and underscore the importance of bridging the gap between suppliers and consumers passionate about environmental stewardship.

In a testament to their collective efforts, 2023 marked a monumental resurgence in travel, nearing pre-COVID volumes and value. Despite challenges posed by forest fires and floods, Greece reclaimed its position as a top destination for European tourists, showcasing resilience and dedication to providing unparalleled experiences.

Eric Drésin, speaking on behalf of ECTAA, expressed, “Greece has been ECTAA’s preferred destination for three years in a row; this demonstrates the willingness of the Greek authorities and GNTO in particular to utilize the skills and networks of European travel advisors.” He hinted at an upcoming cooperation with a new destination while affirming their unwavering commitment to supporting the Greek tourism industry through ECTAA Greek member organisation, HATTA, and ECTAA global network.

The collaborative efforts between ECTAA and GNTO have not only reinvigorated the tourism sector but have also highlighted the pivotal role of sustainability in the tourism policy of the Greek authorities. With an optimistic outlook, both organizations anticipate sustained growth while emphasizing the importance of responsible tourism practices for the future of the industry.

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