easyJet survey reveals that holidays have increased in importance for Britons with more likely to travel abroad in 2024

A survey conducted by easyJet of 2,000 UK consumers this month has shown that over two thirds (67%) have said they more likely to travel abroad in 2024 than in 2023.

Protecting holiday spend remains a priority for most with over three quarters (77%) saying they will prioritise spending money on a holiday over anything else in their yearly budget –  up from 70% last year.

The majority of people (70%) have said they are more likely to put money aside for a holiday in 2024 than 2023 and 73% plan to spend the same or more on their holidays, while  over three quarters (76%) of respondents said they still plan to go on the same number of holidays or more than usual.

To prioritise their holiday, people will be cutting back on other discretionary spend, with over half reducing their spend on eating out (54%), 40% cutting back on new clothes and shoes and 38% opting not to pay for a new car or home upgrades to be able to get away.

Consumers are also looking at the way they travel to prioritise their holiday, with around 70% of people saying they are more likely to book with a low-cost carrier (up from 66% in 2022) and holiday in closer to home destinations in Europe (72%), in order to protect their holidays, compared with just 10% planning a trip to North America and 9% to Asia.

Almost all surveyed (91%) agreed that going away on holiday is crucial to their wellbeing (up from 83% in 2022). 55% saying holidays are important to them because of the quality time it allows them to spend with friends and family and the opportunity it provides to recharge (48%).

Johan Lundgren, easyJet CEO commented: ”Year after year we see the value and importance of holidays increasing for consumers. These findings couldn’t be clearer that travel not only remains a priority for people, but that they are ever more determined to protect and even boost their holiday budgets, not least because of the many benefits and opportunities travel offers us.

“We are already seeing this in our bookings for holidays next year and with our unrivalled European network and fantastic value for money, easyJet is well placed to take even more people on the holidays they value in 2024.”

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