easyJet holidays announces animal welfare policy

easyJet holidays has outlined its new animal welfare policy, which includes a commitment to only offering experiences that do not threaten the welfare or conservation of animals and their important role in the global environment.

The policy incorporates ABTA’s animal welfare guidelines, and, with an ambition to ensure it is industry leading, was created in consultation with several animal rights organisations including World Animal Protection.

The new policy, which sees easyJet holidays not promoting or offering any attractions which are harmful to animals within their tours and activities programme, including captivity attractions such as zoos and marine parks, animal performances, animal rides and sporting events involving animals.  This is the latest in a host of initiatives taken by the company including tackling food waste in hotels, providing GSTC training to hotelier partners, making transfers electric and offering lesser known alternative destinations such as Akureyri in Iceland. easyJet holidays has also partnered with UN Tourism (formerly UNWTO) to help develop the first environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework for tourism businesses, co-designing a measurement tool that is meaningful and feasible for better monitoring and management of the impacts of tourism.

Matt Callaghan, easyJet holidays’ Chief Operating Officer, said: “As one of the largest tour operators, we’re committed to being an industry leader when it comes to responsible travel. Our own research tells us that sustainable travel experiences are important to our customers, so we want to make it easy for them to holiday better.

“We’re passionate about the protection and respect of all forms of nature in the destinations we offer holidays to, which is why we’ve made the decision to not offer or promote attractions that may exploit animals within our tours and activities programme.

We know tours and activities are a brilliant way to experience our holiday destinations, so we look forward to continuing to offer more sustainable and responsible experiences for our customers to further enhance their well-deserved holiday.”

Katheryn Wise, Wildlife Campaigns Manager at World Animal Protection UK, said: “easyJet holidays has really stepped up for animals with this strong and ambitious animal welfare policy. From the outset easyJet holidays have been clear that they are committed to offering their customers responsible, wildlife friendly travel options and it has been a pleasure to work with a company focused on listening to their customers and choosing not to profit from captive wildlife entertainment. It is through working together and commitment like this that we can truly expect to see lasting change for wild animals across the world.”

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