Discovering the hidden gems of the Dalmatian coast by yacht

Today, we aim to discover the beauty of the Dalmatian seaside and that is going to be a whole new experience this time as we will be cruising with a yacht!

But how to survey the Croatian coastline from a boat? Yacht IN gave us some exciting tips on how to explore the cost and what places you should visit, so let’s dig in.

Discovering the Croatian coastline by yacht
If you’ve got a hankering for adventure, the Dalmatian coastline is definitely for you! There are so many hidden places many locals don’t even know about.

First things first, you will need to rent or buy a yacht. Luckily, Yacht In has plenty of yachts to charter out there just waiting to make your nautical dreams come true.

So, first, explore yachts for charter. From sleek catamarans to luxury tenders, there’s something for every taste and budget.

Now when you’ve chosen the ideal keel, it’s time to sketch the chart. Sit down with a map (or actually switch on the GPS app on your cell phone) and the time is right to customize your perfect itinerary.

Perhaps you’re restless and want to jump from one island to the other, unveiling hidden bays and private beaches on the go. Maybe you love a romantic cruise with your lover, having a couple of hours to relax and enjoy the beautiful coastline as you disembark your boat in beautiful coastal towns.

Whatever activity you choose, be sure to plan the trip ahead and give space for unexpected opportunities. Now that you’ve already acquired the yacht and your timetable is all set, you are now free to go cruising!

Renting a luxury yacht charter in Dalmatia is the best way to explore the Croatian coast. It’s faster to travel than by car, and hey, you will discover some of the spots not even locals know about.

These are the best-hidden gems on the Croatian coast
Alright, now that you have your yacht, you might not know which island to start from. Therefore, here is a map of what you should see from our recommendations.

The first island we visit on this journey is Vis. Patched up from the tourist chaos, Vis is an island waiting to be discovered. Think perfect coastline and hillsides surrounded by vines going on and on while looking at this scene on your own.

Now, we shall face southwards and raise our sails to go to Lastovo. Lastovo is the place where nature really rules the world. Picture yourself in lush green landscapes, coves covered with clear waters with turquoise aura, and villages right out of your favourite fairy tale. It is the place which is just perfect to let yourself go into the beauty of virgin nature and find things hidden behind every corner.

Your last stop of this trip is the beautiful town of Ston located on the Pelješac Peninsula. Get ready to fall in love with the eternal magic and cultural wealth of old Ston as soon as you set foot in it.

Here, old city walls are a symbol of the many centuries of history, whereas the oyster farms sparkle in the sunshine. It’s a place where tradition blends with modernity, and every stone-paved street leads to an exciting adventure.

Thus, take your map and cruise towards these spots that are jewels in the nook and crannies. The Croatian coast is calling, adventurers—are you ready to uncover its secrets?

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