DidaTravel: Launch of new direct Shenzhen to Mexico City route presents significant opportunities for Mexican hoteliers

SHENZEHN, CHINA – DidaTravel – China’s largest outbound wholesaler of accommodation and flights, highlights the recent announcement by Forbes Mexico of the new direct flight from Shenzhen, China to Mexico City, inaugurated by China Southern Airlines. This route, operated twice weekly in an Airbus 350, offers significant opportunities for Mexican hoteliers to attract high-net-worth travellers from Shenzhen, a city with over 20 million residents, many of whom are professionals in the tech industry and other high-income sectors.

DidaTravel, headquartered in Shenzhen, brings unparalleled expertise and reach to retail travel agents and tour operators globally. The company views Mexico as a key destination and has seen a remarkable 219% growth in total transaction value (TTV) year-to-date. This underscores the immense potential for Mexican hoteliers to tap into the lucrative Chinese market.

DidaTravel’s recommendations for Mexican hoteliers include:

Showcasing room photos: high-quality images of rooms to attract potential guests.
Detailed room descriptions: clearly state the size of the rooms in square metres.
Room amenities: ensuring each room has a kettle and tea, and clearly stating this on the website.
Payment methods: accepting Chinese payment methods such as WeChat Pay and Alipay.
Social media presence: opening WeChat and other relevant social media accounts, and using them for customer service.
Visa services: providing visa arrangements for Chinese travellers.
B2B retail sales: Rather than relying solely on B2C channels, also focus on B2B retail sales.
Last-minute bookings: Being prepared for last-minute bookings, as Chinese travellers tend to make travel decisions more spontaneously than their American or European counterparts.
Targeting young travellers: marketing to younger travellers, as China has a significantly higher percentage of wealthy Millennials and Gen Z compared to Europe and the Americas.

“We’re already receiving numerous inquiries from our B2B clients in China about this new route,” says Nicky Ussamarn, DidaTravel’s Chief Commercial Officer “Chinese travellers are known for their high spend, making them a valuable market for Mexican hoteliers. Now is the time for hoteliers to act and gain their attention before others do, leveraging the first-mover advantage.”

To successfully attract Chinese travellers, DidaTravel recommends that Mexican hoteliers go beyond simply having Chinese-speaking staff or a Chinese-language website. “Attracting such travelers is not just about having a Chinese-speaking staff member or a Chinese website; there’s so much more that needs to be done,” explains Nicky.“Even at the luxury end, it’s common to see younger travellers in a way that normally luxury hotels don’t – so market to them too.”


*TTV = Total Transaction Value

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