DER Touristik Group evolves to DERTOUR Group

Scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2024 and expected to conclude by the end of 2025, the rebranding effort introduces a liquid design theme, symbolising the dynamic evolution of the brand. DERTOUR Group seeks to establish a cohesive and internationally recognisable presence, emphasising the collective strength derived from its diverse international travel experts and travel companies. The visual elements reflect a modernised and more emotional look & feel, ensuring a harmonious integration with the company’s diverse businesses and travel brands under the shared banner of an internationally focused platform.

Dr. Ingo Burmester, CEO Central Europe DERTOUR Group, explains: “The transition from DER Touristik to DERTOUR Group underpins our ambition to take a leading role in the international travel and tourism market. We want to become more visible as one strong Group, especially at the travel destinations. The new design concept provides a more modern, emotional, and relevant brand experience that will allow us to expand our reach.” 

The initiative goes beyond aesthetics, reflecting the Group’s dedication to creating a joint international platform. The Corporate brand encapsulates the international expertise of more than 9,200 professionals and the collaborative efforts of over 130 companies that craft extraordinary travel experiences for their guests.

DER Touristik Group’s evolution into DERTOUR Group reinforces the organisation’s commitment to adaptability in the dynamic travel industry, while ensuring a cohesive integration of the diverse businesses under a joint international umbrella brand.

DERTOUR Group, operating in 16 source markets1 with over 130 companies and boasting a team of more than 9,200 professionals, was able to profit from a strong demand for travel in 2023.was able to profit from a strong demand for travel in 2023. Last year was marked by a strong demand for travel across markets, leading to an optimistic outlook for the year 2024. “We saw a strong appetite for package holidays across markets with a European-wide trend towards higher quality holidays”, explains Leif Vase Larsen, CEO International DERTOUR Group. Accordingly, in 2023, the Group’s total revenue rose by 23% compared to 2022. There was a 10% increase in European guest numbers over the previous year. Also, the average duration of holidays rose to 8.1 days – exceeding the average stay in 2019 by one day.

Strong early bookings for 2024 holidays reflect renewed traveller confidence. “After a year of robust travel gains, we are noticing that the pent-up demand for travel shows no signs of waning. Consumers remain highly enthusiastic about travel and are seeking the benefits of early bookings and their appealing prices”, clarifies Dr. Ingo Burmester, CEO Central Europe DERTOUR Group. “As a diverse and international tourism group with more than 20 tour operators and around 30 specialist travel brands, we are committed to providing extraordinary travel experiences for travellers across Europe with an increased focus on more individual travel options in 2024. We are also intensifying our collaboration across our international teams.”

Booking Update Winter Holidays 2023/24

As the current winter season2 unfolds, DERTOUR Group’s booking analysis of its 16 European markets shines a light on travel trends across Europe, revealing a 24% surge in revenue compared to the previous winter season (2022/23) and a 17% increase in guest numbers. Top destinations for short- and mid-haul travel include Spain, Egypt, Germany, Italy, and Türkiye.

At the same time, winter bookings are signalling a strong comeback for long-distance travel with almost every third guest opting for faraway destinations. The long-haul preferences extend to the Middle East (UAE, Jordan, and Oman amongst others), Indian Ocean, Caribbean, Thailand, and North America. “We see a rising interest in travel to the Arabian Peninsula – which sends a positive signal to the flourishing tourism landscape in this part of the world”, says Leif Vase Larsen.

Top 5 short- and mid-haul travel
(Winter 2023/24) 
Top 5 long-haul travel (Winter 2023/24) *

1. Middle East (UAE, Jordan, Oman & others)

2. Indian Ocean

3. Caribbean

4. Thailand

5. North America

*Top destinations ranked by guest numbers

Up-and-coming winter destinations include India and Southeast Asian favourites such as Vietnam and Indonesia. Amongst short- and mid-haul destinations, Croatia, Türkiye, and Tunisia are at the top ranks as reflected in the highest year-over-year guest growth.

Booking Outlook Summer Holidays 2024

DERTOUR Group’s booking metrics for the summer season3 2024 continue to paint an optimistic picture, with a substantial 30% increase in revenue and a 24% rise in guests compared to the 2023 season. This increase in guest numbers reflects a strong demand for summer getaways, especially in the Mediterranean region. Short- and mid-haul summer favourites of European guests include Greece, Türkiye, Spain, Tunisia, and Egypt while long-haul choices span the Indian Ocean, North America, the Caribbean, Middle East (UAE, Jordan, and Oman amongst others), as well as Thailand.

New year-round favourites

The analysis also identifies the up-and-coming summer destinations with the highest year-over-year guest growth rates, which are currently grabbing the attention of travellers. Former winter destinations like Vietnam, India, and Indonesia, which European travellers used to opt for to escape the cold, are increasingly gaining traction amongst the faraway summer travel destinations – making them year-round favourites. For short- and mid-haul destinations, Portugal, Türkiye, and Bulgaria are on the rise, signalling the growing importance of the quality-price-ratio for European travellers.

“We see a trend towards former winter destinations like UAE or Thailand turning into year-round getaways triggered by the high quality of travel and lodging experiences at very attractive prices in summer”, explains Leif Vase Larsen.


1 The 16 source markets cover countries in North, Central, and Eastern Europe.
2 Winter season runs from 1 November 2023 to 30 April 2024. The booking numbers for this period include cumulated bookings from DERTOUR Group’s tour operators in 16 markets, reporting date 11 February 2024.
3 Summer season runs from 1 May 2024 to 31 October 2024. The booking numbers for this period include cumulated bookings from DERTOUR Group’s tour operators in 16 markets, reporting date 11 February 2024.

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