D-EDGE acquires LoungeUp

PARIS – D-EDGE, a leader in hospitality technology, is thrilled to announce its acquisition of LoungeUp, a premier Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for the hospitality sector. This strategic move will further simplify the hospitality technology scene.

This acquisition marks a significant step towards providing the hospitality industry with a comprehensive and integrated suite of solutions covering every touchpoint of the hotel guest journey —from the initial search for accommodations through their full stay to converting guests into repeat visitors. The combined D-EDGE & LoungeUp solution meets the urgent needs of today’s hotels: ensuring a consistent and superior guest experience, boosting revenue and profitability, while streamlining operations. Enabling hotels to continuously collect data and use it to enhance and personalise the experience means their overall performance improves.

The acquisition of LoungeUp aligns perfectly with D-EDGE’s mission to simplify hospitality through innovation. “LoungeUp fills up D-EDGE’s technology suite by providing hoteliers with a comprehensive and seamless toolkit. By integrating LoungeUp’s advanced CRM capabilities with D-EDGE’s Central Reservation System (CRS), we are setting a new standard for a unified and easy-to-use one-stop-shop solution. This holistic approach addresses the complete technological needs of hotels, groups, and chains in both distribution and operations. This move is one additional reason for hotels to make D-EDGE their preferred choice,” says Pierre-Charles Grob, CEO of D-EDGE.

The collaborative offering addresses every phase of the guest journey. The suite includes driving traffic with D-EDGE Digital Media and Website offerings, boosting conversion with the D-EDGE CRS, and increasing customer engagement and loyalty with LoungeUp’s innovative solutions.

Mathieu Pollet, CEO and co-founder of LoungeUp, concludes: “The entire LoungeUp team is thrilled about this new step, as we are confident it will significantly enhance the value we deliver to our common clients and speed up our development globally. We are simplifying hotel management by integrating operations through connected systems, automating tasks, and ultimately boosting the hotel’s business—resulting in more bookings, increased booking value, and greater profitability. We believe that with LoungeUp integrated into the D-EDGE solution portfolio, hoteliers will require essentially two systems to ensure efficient operational and distribution management: D-EDGE and a Property Management System (PMS). This is a major change in the industry that suffers from a very fragmented IT environment.”

There are no planned changes  in the current structure of either entity. The LoungeUp teams remain unchanged. Founders Mathieu Pollet and Lionel Tressens will lead the growth of the CRM/Guest Management divisions within the group.

The article D-EDGE acquires LoungeUp first appeared in TravelDailyNews International.

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