CTO Secretary-General addresses talent, technology, and the future at HR Conference

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS – Speaking at the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s (CTO) 10th Tourism Human Resources Conference in Nevis this week, Secretary-General and CEO Dona Regis-Prosper delivered a strong message to delegates on the importance of human capital and the need to leverage talent and technology.

Reflecting on her personal journey in the tourism industry, Regis-Prosper emphasized the indispensable union of technology and human assets in propelling the sector forward. Underscoring that people are the cornerstone of the Caribbean’s tourism sector, Regis-Prosper advocated for consistent investment in training and continuing education to bolster the sustainability and quality of the region’s tourism product.

“Over and above everything else, our people are the heart and soul of the Caribbean’s tourism sector,” said Regis-Prosper as she highlighted the urgent need for the Caribbean to adapt swiftly to evolving global travel desires intensified by the pandemic.

The inter-governmental body’s leader challenged attendees to consider how well the industry has adapted to developments in the tourism landscape and what changes might be needed for the region to maintain a leadership position in global tourism. Regis-Prosper also elucidated three pivotal areas crucial to the region’s tourism evolution: making authentic connections with visitors; developing local talent and harnessing technology; and engaging with the region’s youth to introduce them at an early age to the potential and attractiveness of the tourism sector.

Talent and Technology Development

Stressing the harmonization of talent with technology, she underscored the revolutionary role of AI-driven solutions and technological resources in customizing tourist experiences and predicting future industry trends. Regis-Prosper encouraged delegates to make use of the many technological resources, such as the Tourism Information Management System (TIMS) and online training and educational tools that are available to CTO members.

Youth Engagement

Recognizing the youth as crucial drivers of the tourism sector’s future, Regis-Prosper outlined various CTO initiatives aimed at empowering the region’s young people, including educational resources, internships, and scholarships.

Regis-Prosper’s closing remarks underscored the value of human assets in the regional tourism sector, articulating a vision of sustainability powered by enriched human contributions. “Our human assets should know that their contributions to the most dynamic sector in the region are highly valued and that their efforts can propel us to economic sustainability,” she stated.

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