Comfort Inn St. Petersburg North addresses guest content streaming demands with GuestCast by HIS

ST PETERSBURG, FLA. – Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has announced the successful deployment of its GuestCast streaming solution by Comfort Inn St. Petersburg North. Serving travelers visiting Florida’s Tampa Bay area, Comfort Inn St Petersburg North backed by HIS technology and expertise can now ensure that guest expectations for a seamlessly personalized in-room entertainment experience are always fully met.

While providing its guests with a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay, including an onsite massage parlor and sundry shop, Comfort Inn St Petersburg North recognized that ensuring complete satisfaction meant addressing widespread preferences for access to personal streaming subscriptions versus more traditional offerings such as cable or satellite TV. After performing its research into various solution options, the property decided to partner with HIS thanks to its leading reputation in hotel content streaming technology. This decision was further reinforced with GuestCast recently being named In-room Entertainment of the year by the 2023 TravelTech Breakthrough Awards.

By deploying GuestCast, travelers staying at the property can now take advantage of the ability to effortlessly cast virtually any streamed content of choice on guestroom televisions. Designed specifically for hotel environments to ensure ease of use even for first-time users, GuestCast sidesteps complicated device-pairing processes that often leave guests feeling frustrated and dissatisfied. Instead, guests have the option to pair their devices using simply a QR code, with a user-friendly interface ensuring instant compatibility with thousands of mobile streaming apps.

“Whether young or old or traveling for business or leisure, modern guests understandably expect hotel in-room entertainment services to offer the same personalization, flexibility and ease of use that is now the standard in many consumer homes,” said John Moradi, General Manager at Comfort Inn St Petersburg North. “With increasing numbers of properties aiming to address rising guest standards when it comes to guestroom entertainment, we knew that we desired only the industry’s best capabilities in order to differentiate ourselves and which HIS has been able to fully deliver. Thanks its user-friendly GuestCast streaming system, we have yet to receive one negative guest comment since the installation, and look forward to continuing to provide our guests with an experience that surpasses their expectations.”

As a solution engineered for the needs of today’s hospitality industry, GuestCast also comes equipped with a data-rich Analytics Dashboard. The feature notably provides hotel staff with the ability to monitor GuestCast device health in real-time, as well as to track device usage in order to measure the success rate of in-room entertainment strategies. Thanks to being designed by hospitality’s leading connectivity solutions provider, GuestCast’s Analytics Dashboard can even be used to analyze WiFi signal strength for each guestroom where the device is located. Should a WiFi service performance issue suddenly arise, GuestCast’s Analytics Dashboard ensures that hotel employees can swiftly identify and correct the issue before guest experiences are affected.

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