Colorado’s cash compendiums: Mastering the art of selling junk RVs

Sooner or later, your beloved RV will cause you some heartache. As they age and put on the miles, the costs of repairs can grow and become all too frequent. There comes a tipping point where the costs of maintaining your rig far outweigh its resale value. At that very moment, your used RV instantly turns into a junk RV. Even newer rigs that still look pretty and shiny can instantly become junk with just one expensive repair.

Mastering the art of selling junk RVs: A beginner’s guide
With so many used RVs on the market these days, selling a rig that doesn’t have any major issues can be difficult with so much competition. Now imagine trying to sell one that looks bad or requires a costly repair. It can seem like an unreachable goal, however, it’s not entirely true. Sure, selling a less-than-desirable RV does pose some problems, but there are several methods to successfully selling a junk RV.

Know the value of your RV
Before making any attempts at selling your rig, it’s a good idea to have a ballpark idea of what you can expect to get for it. It would be foolish to try to place a value on it without doing a little bit of research first, especially for those who want to sell it on any of the popular RV-selling platforms. Ask for too much, and you’ll hear crickets. Ask for too little, and you’ll leave money on the table.

The easiest way to learn what your RV is worth is to use one of the many online RV value calculators. Simply plug in some key information, and you’ll have a good idea of what yours is worth. Now, you can place an acceptable price on it and cast your line into the pool of potential junk RV buyers.

Know where to sell your RV
Trying to sell a troublesome RV could prove to be a difficult task. However, there are several ways to do so successfully. A specialized junk RV dealer will be happy to take yours off of your hands despite cosmetic damage, mileage, or costly repairs while leaving you with cash in hand. For example, Centennial State residents who’ve found themselves in this predicament can sell their junk RV for cash in Colorado.

You can sell a junk RV the same way that you’d sell a fully operational used one, but the key is to be completely transparent with what you have. Nothing good will come from trying to disguise the fact that the rig has issues. The best ways to sell a junk RV include:

Online listings – As long as you’re completely honest about the RV’s condition, nothing is stopping you from attempting to sell it using any of the popular online vehicle-selling platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Plenty of DIYers purchase junk RVs this way.
Specialized dealerships – For an easy sale and the most profit, selling to a specialized junk RV dealership is the way to go. Most will come to you, haul it away, and leave you with a bigger payment than you’d expect. They buy all RVs regardless of their age, condition, or mileage.
Salvage yards – An ethical option for junk RV disposal that still gives you a payment is to sell it to a salvage or junkyard. Many will pay you for your rig’s weight in scrapable metal and for whatever usable components it has. You won’t get top dollar, but your rig will be recycled or repurposed.
Scrap it yourself – Most hardcore RVers on a shoestring budget have, out of necessity, become quite handy. If you have the time and the tools, why not harvest every usable component and offer them for sale to other RVers? Sometimes, the sum of your RV’s parts is worth more than trying to sell it intact.

Know how to not get ripped off
Unfortunately, hustlers are hiding in every corner, and phony RV buyers will come out of the woodwork to do their best to scam you out of some money. While most scammers do so by hiding behind a keyboard, it is also possible to get ripped off in person. Here are a few things to consider when selling a junk RV.

Never pay to have your RV hauled away – You’ve probably seen ads for services that will tow away junk motorhomes, but they aren’t doing you a favor. Sure, they’ll remove your RV, but why pay someone to haul away something that still has value?
Be leery of scammers – If selling your junk RV online, be incredibly cautious of any potential buyer who is out of state or overseas, especially when they claim yours is exactly what they’re looking for. No one buys a junk RV sight unseen.
Be careful with how you’re paid – Even the nicest buyer who has seen your rig and is willing to buy could be a scammer. Never accept payment in the form of gift cards, and don’t fall for the overpayment scam.

The bottom line
Educating yourself about the nuances of selling a junk RV can ensure that you get the most for it while also protecting yourself from common scams. The art of selling yours can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. For maximum profit and ease of transaction, you can’t go wrong by selling your junk RV to a specialized dealer. Their straightforward and fast way of buying them leads to a trouble-free transaction.

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