Carillon Miami Wellness Resort unveils new menu and seating

MIAMI – Tambourine Room by Tristan Brandt, the fine dining restaurant by acclaimed Chef Tristan Brandt at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, is unveiling a new Spring menu and reinventing its tasting experience. Celebrated as one of the best dining destinations in Miami and beyond, the Michelin-starred restaurant will now exclusively offer a 10-course seating, available five days per week, with new seasonal menu items to animate its take on modern classic French cuisine with Asian influences.

“A change of the season always inspires creativity in the kitchen, and our new tasting menu invites guests to join in celebrating the arrival of spring,” noted Chef Brandt, who earned a Michelin Star for the restaurant within the first year it opened. “Together, with Chef de Cuisine Timo Steubing and the team, our goal is to keep guests guessing and reward their curiosity at the table with combinations of ingredients and culinary techniques they might least expect, but are sure to enjoy.”

The streamlined format of a 10-coursed seating allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the culinary adventure without feeling rushed, offering ample time to savor each dish and appreciate the artistry behind every creation. The intimate setting of Tambourine Room provides the perfect ambiance for indulging in this epicurean journey, whether celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying an exquisite dining experience.

“We believe that by focusing exclusively on a 10-course menu, we can elevate the overall dining experience for our guests, allowing them to embark on a gastronomic exploration that unfolds in perfect harmony,” said Tristan Brandt. “This approach aligns with our commitment to providing unparalleled hospitality and creating memorable moments for our guests.”

Guests will indulge in a symphony of flavors with exquisite menu items such as:

Hamachi | Daikon | Ginger with sashimi of Japanese hamachi, marinated in dashi and sesame oil, with creme of avocado and green shiso leaves and pickled green and purple daikon, as well as a vinaigrette of white shoyu, fermented shrimp and ginger.
Langostino | Pork Belly | Pak Choi with langostino sourced from New Zealand, breaded in puffed pork skin, with sauteed pak choi and pork belly, seasoned with roasted garlic, oyster sauce and sesame.
Foie Gras | Scallop | Arugula with pan fried foie gras with marinated slices of scallop on top and a reduction of aged, sweet sherry vinegar and foam of arugula.

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