Best historical sites to visit in the Algarve

The Algarve is often celebrated for its sun-kissed beaches and pristine golf courses. However, it’s also a gateway to Portugal’s rich historical tapestry. From towering ancient castles to charming old towns, the region offers a journey back in time. This guide highlights some of the best historical sites in the Algarve, each telling a tale of the region’s intriguing past.

Silves Castle
Silves Castle, a well-preserved mediaeval fortress in the heart of Algarve, offers a tangible journey back to Portugal’s rich historical era. Once a stronghold of Islamic governors, the castle’s robust sandstone walls, ancient towers and cisterns tell tales of its historical days.

A stroll around the castle unfolds layers of history, while a climb to the top rewards with a panoramic view of the picturesque surroundings. It’s a blend of historical exploration and scenic beauty, making Silves Castle a compelling stop for families and history enthusiasts alike.

Monumentos Megalíticas de Alcalar
Stepping along Algarve’s limestone coastal strip, you’ll stumble upon the ancient whispers of Monumentos Megalíticas de Alcalar. This site unfolds a collection of megalithic tombs dating back to the Copper Age, standing testimonies to former civilisations.

You can roam around this open-air archaeological museum, exploring well-preserved tombs and engaging interpretive displays. It’s an educational excursion that ignites curiosity about the lives led thousands of years ago. A visit to Monumentos Megalíticas de Alcalar offers a rare chance to blend a day of learning with an adventure into Portugal’s distant past, making history exciting and accessible for both kids and adults.

Igreja de São Lourenço
Igreja de São Lourenço in the Algarve is notable for its stunning interior adorned with blue and white azulejo tiles. Dating back to the 18th century, these tiles depict various religious scenes, showcasing a significant period in Portuguese art and religious tradition in Europe.

The church is a fine example of Baroque architecture, and a visit here allows families to appreciate the historical and artistic heritage of the region. Walking through, visitors can observe the meticulous craftsmanship of the tiles and the serene atmosphere they create, making it an interesting and educational stop.

Nossa Senhora da Assunção Convent, Faro Museum
Nestled in the heart of Algarve, the Nossa Senhora da Assunção Convent, now home to Faro Museum, is a treasure trove of religious art and archaeological finds. The tranquil walkway and well-preserved artefacts offer a glimpse into the region’s ecclesiastical and ancient past. The diverse exhibits provide an engaging insight into local culture and history, making it a rewarding visit for families.

Renting a villa nearby, like those available from Premier Villas, proves to be beneficial as it allows for leisurely walks to this historical site and others around, letting you explore at your own pace, soaking in the rich heritage with each stroll. As you delve into this site, each exhibit narrates stories of the bygone eras, enriching your Algarve experience with layers of historical understanding.

Castro Marim Castle
Castro Marim Castle, perched at the top of a hill, is a window into the mediaeval era of the Algarve. Its stone walls and ancient ruins paint a picture of a time when it served as a strategic military fort. The castle not only held military significance but also played a role in the region’s trade and commerce.

Today, visitors can roam the remnants of its past, where the sweeping views from the battlements add a scenic charm to the historical exploration. Its accessible ruins and informative displays make it an engaging visit for families, offering a blend of education and picturesque beauty in a serene setting, making the castle a must-visit landmark in the Algarve.

Igreja Do Carmo
Igreja do Carmo is a remarkable testament to Baroque artistry, situated in the heart of Faro. The exterior may seem modest, but stepping inside unveils a wealth of gold leaf detailing, intricately carved woodwork, and tile panels that are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

What adds a unique allure to this church is its Capela dos Ossos (Bone Chapel), where the walls are lined with the bones and skulls of over 1,000 monks. It’s a sombre yet fascinating reflection on life and mortality. A visit to Igreja do Carmo offers not only a spiritual journey but also an artistic exploration, making it a captivating destination for those intrigued by the rich historical and cultural tapestry of Portugal.

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