Aviation is crucial for Germany as a business location

DARMSTADT / FRANKFURT – Aviation-Event Political Forum 2023 Germany had a prominent visitor; Dr. Volker Wissing, German Transport Minister spoke about the future of air transport, intermodal transport, international hubs, logistics in Europe and Germany as a business and transport location. More than 100 delegates from industry as well as decision-makers from politics and business attended the forum. The forum was hosted by Aviation-Event, the leading international platform for media and meetings for aviation industry, Avanade GmbH, Liberaler Mittelstand e.V., To70 Aviation, Ubirch, and BSI had invited.

Although the Aviation-Event Political Forum 2023 Germany was supposed to be about aviation, Dr. Volker Wissing was not spared questions about Deutsche Bahn. “We have to think about transport in a holistic way,” explains the Minister. “By rail to flight, intermodal freight transport, which always requires crossings between different modes of transport, as well as the increasing volumes of goods and people’s desire to travel to distant countries, will continue to make flying and connections to central hubs indispensable in the future. Bans and ideology would be of little use. Instead, flying and traffic as a whole must be made as climate friendly as possible. This includes e-fuels and other technologies. “Flying is a dream of mankind and an indispensable part of our supply chains and logistics,” said the Minister.

Overall, the German Transport Minister promoted German airports and airlines. “Our German hubs must remain competitive and efficient – in the interests of the entire European economy. Fantasies such as degrowth and renunciation are not the solution and will leave many losers. The issue of climate change must be reconciled with sustainable growth.” This is the only way to have a sensible transport policy.

The Aviation-Event Political Forum 2023 Germany did not only offer first-hand insights because of the keynote speech. For around three hours, companies, executives, political decision-makers as well as experts and stakeholders from the aviation industry exchanged ideas and shed light on key and essential aspects of this industry of the future.

“It was a successful exchange in an outstanding location,” said Marcel Riwalsky, organiser and CEO of Aviation-Event, praising the event, which took place in the new FRALounge directly at Frankfurt Airport.

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