ATPCO introduces new Product Catalogue solution

ATPCO announced at its sold-out Elevate + TravelConnect Conference that it is introducing a new Product Catalogue solution so the industry can dramatically increase the speed in which airlines will be able to shift toward dynamically created offers.

While many airlines are at different stages of their journey with dynamic offers, ATPCO’s role is to facilitate interoperability, innovation and simplification along each individual airline’s journey, no matter their approach to dynamic offers. In October 2022, ATPCO set an aggressive industry outcome goal of providing the framework needed to enable 80 percent of offers sold to be generated dynamically by 2026.The industry move away from filed fares won’t happen overnight, and the need for interoperability with the current world and the future of dynamic offers is where Product Catalogue will be a key, foundational solution that will accelerate the industry’s ability to achieve the 80 percent goal. Product Catalogue is an electronic record of airline products and services that ATPCO can create so each airline can differentiate offers beyond price and better match what is important to each customer. In order to do this, airlines need access to product attributes to craft these dynamic offers.

ATPCO is introducing Product Catalogue after months of industry collaboration in its Dynamic Offers Design Team, who aligned on the need for interoperability across the full ecosystem. Product Catalogue will enable both airlines and sales channels the ability to leverage the existing infrastructure to create and sell dynamic offers at scale without having to build burdensome one-to-one connections.

“We know the industry is going to have to exist for years to come in both the current fare-filing world and the forward-looking world where airlines are dynamically pricing their offers,” said ATPCO’s President & CEO, Alex Zoghlin. “ATPCO is uniquely positioned to help the industry get to the future of dynamic offers while still existing in the reality of filed fares. Product Catalogue is the elemental solution that both airlines and sales channels will need to get their offers to market at scale.”

“We see dynamic offers as a way to give consumers more relevant choices and higher customer satisfaction. We have received impressive feedback from the ATPCO Design Team on the promise of Product Catalogue, we are looking forward to seeing what Product Catalogue can do for the industry,” added Navid Abbassi ATPCO’s Chief Architect.

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