All In Aviation’s Stephanie White earns prestigious Gold Seal Certification

LAS VEGAS, NEV. – All In Aviation, Southern Nevada’s premier flight school and full-service aviation company, announce that certified flight instructor (CFI), Stephanie White, has joined only a handful of CFIs in the nation to earn a gold seal certification. This prestigious recognition is awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to flight instructors who have demonstrated excellence and professionalism in their field.

“The gold seal certification is a testament to Stephanie’s dedication, knowledge and passion for flight education,” said Paul Sallach, President of All In Aviation. “Her achievement not only raises the bar of our educational standards but shows we are dedicated to fostering high quality aviation instructors and pilots. We are immensely proud to have an instructor of such high caliber on our team.”

Obtaining a gold seal certification is a significant achievement for flight instructors and represents a high level of skill and expertise in flight instruction. To be eligible for this certification, an instructor must meet specific criteria set by the FAA, including: hold specific flight instructor certifications, maintain a high volume of student applicants with a high pass rate (more than 10 checkride sign offs with an 80% pass rate), and conduct at least 20 practical tests as a designated pilot examiner, or graduation tests as chief instructor. Throughout her time at All In Aviation, White has maintained a 100% pass rate among her students taking a checkride – the FAA practical test pilots must pass to receive a particular pilot certification or rating.

“While serving as a flight instructor isn’t my end goal as a pilot, I never really saw it as a stepping stone for getting into the industry,” said White. “However, since joining All In Aviation as a flight instructor, I’ve been dedicated to training safe and proficient pilots and my students and examiners know that. I’m proud that I have been able to maintain the highest level of instruction recognized by the FAA.”

White’s achievement puts her among an elite group of flight instructors in the nation who have earned the gold seal certification. The accolade serves as reassurance for students and peers alike, that they are receiving or working alongside top-tier instruction in the field of aviation.

“Stephanie is an integral part of the All In Aviation team, providing top-notch flight instruction to aspiring pilots,” said Carl May, Director of Flight Operations. “Her methodical approach and commitment to excellence have made her an invaluable asset to our program. With the gold seal certification, her students can be confident that they are receiving instruction from one of the best in the industry.”

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