Airport transfer and bus rental in Turkey

Except for the relevant ministry for public transportation and transportation sector, the past century was orphaned. The sector, which could not go beyond individual formations and regional companies, took a step ahead with Buskirala, which developed a comprehensive infrastructure in airport transfer, chauffeured car, bus, and minibus rental solutions. Comfort and safety meet at Buskirala.

Comfort and safety meet at Buskirala
With the project development efforts of Acemali Turizm, which dates back to 1989, thousands of passenger transport companies and individual carriers unite under Starting with D2 authorization for public transportation vehicle rental services, the platform seems to have also started to provide chauffeured car rental support. It is known that the platform will also actively participate as a car rental company later this year.

Turkey transportation options
Although Buskirala provides international passenger transport services, 95% of its transportation solutions are for domestic travel. It is known that Buskirala provides the following services, where all kinds of road passenger transport vehicles are available:

Airport transfer
Car rental
Bus rental
Minibus rental

Airport transfer services
Offering private transfer services from all airports open to civilian flights in Turkey to city centers, Baskirala stands out with its customer representative approach tailored to the individual. While many of us cannot find a contact person after purchasing an online transfer, the platform seems to have solved this issue.

The platform has ready vehicles in all cities, especially at airports such as Istanbul, Sabiha Gökçen, Adnan Menderes, Esenboğa, Antalya, Dalaman, and Bodrum.

Car rental services
You can request everything from individual car rental support to fleet rental services under one roof. In order to be able to produce different solutions in this area, Buskirala also provides A1 authorized chauffeured car rental services. This situation has enabled them to provide solutions for VIP car rental needs.

The options of chauffeured and non-chauffeured car rental solutions are attracting more attention day by day in car rental solutions. With these vehicles, they can provide services within the city or between cities.

Bus rental services
The Baskirala platform allows you to use their own buses for your travel needs such as tours, meetings, congresses, seminars, and transfers.

D2 authorized intercity luxury buses, which are not limited to any route, can be rented hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. We also see that these buses are used as campaign vehicles during the election period after the branding and voiceover processes.

Minibus rental services
You can create special transportation solutions with minibusses, which have a different place in every corner of our lives. With the title of Turkey’s most rented minibus platform, Baskirala offers this service in all 81 provinces. Minibusses are generally rented for company trips, cultural tours and vacations, congresses, airport transfers, and ceremonies.

Baskirala can also offer groups of up to 8 people under the non-chauffeured minibus rental service. Minibusses larger than 8 people, such as 16, 19, 27, and 31 people, are rented with a driver. Thus, security measures are kept tighter.

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