Airbus shareholders approve all resolutions at 2024 Annual General Meeting

AMSTERDAM Airbus SE shareholders approved all resolutions at the company’s 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 10 April in Amsterdam.

Resolutions included the renewal of the three-year Board mandate of Chairman René Obermann and those of fellow non-executive directors Victor Chu, Jean-Pierre Clamadieu and Amparo Moraleda. Mr. Obermann was formally reappointed Chairman of the Board at a Board meeting held after the AGM.

Dr. Feiyu Xu was appointed as a non-executive director following approval at the shareholder meeting. She replaces Ralph D. Crosby, Jr., who resigned with effect of the date of the AGM having served on the Board since 2013. Dr. Xu was appointed for a term of two years, corresponding to the remainder of Mr. Crosby’s mandate.

Dr. Xu is a member of the Supervisory Board of technology company ZF Friedrichshafen AG and a leading expert in the application of artificial intelligence in industry. Her appointment increases the proportion of female directors from 33% to 42%, in line with the Company’s commitment to promote greater diversity on the Board and Executive Committee, both in terms of gender and background.

The proposed payments of a 2023 gross dividend of 1.80 euros per share (2022: 1.80 euros per share) and a special dividend of 1.00 eurps per share were also approved.

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