Activities to stay entertained while travelling

Whether you’re jetting off on holiday or just heading to the office, travelling can often be long, dull and frustrating. You don’t want this time to feel wasted, so you should be actively trying to find an activity that cures your boredom and makes travelling a little easier.

Fortunately, there are plenty of fun activities for you to incorporate into your travel routine, so you feel productive and satisfied. Our guide will take a closer look at some of the most popular ones for you to try. Continue reading to find out more.

Reading is a wonderful way to pass the time and offers plenty of benefits such as improved learning capacity, stress relief and stronger communication skills. We recommend bringing along a book whenever you travel to pick up and get lost in a fictional world.
If reading books isn’t your style, why not listen to them instead? Online subscription services like Spotify let you listen to many books for no extra charge.

Listen to podcasts
Podcasts are becoming more and more popular with over 25 million people expected to listen to one in 2024. There are podcasts for all topics, so finding one that interests you shouldn’t be too difficult.

Make sure you download yours ahead of time, so your listening isn’t interrupted by poor mobile data signal.

Playing your favourite games is another great way to pass the time. There are so many ways to play too with handheld consoles, mobile devices and physical boardgames easily accessible to most people.

You could opt for a traditional card game or play online bingo on your mobile device or personal computer if you want endless fun while waiting to catch your flight abroad or sitting on the bus to work.

Watch a movie or TV show
Watching movies or TV shows on the go is becoming more common in the modern world we live in. You can download media from popular streaming sites and watch them while you’re on the go. Streaming sites like Netflix had around 100 billion hours viewed last year, showing how popular watching movies and TV shows wherever we go has become.

Having them pre-downloaded means interruptions are kept to a minimum with no buffering to worry about.

If you have an artistic edge, then finding scenery to capture on camera should be relatively straightforward. Whether it’s a train ride through the countryside or an airport lounge, travelling is always a good time to brush up on your photography skills.
Pick up a high-quality camera and teach yourself how to capture the best pictures wherever life takes you. Each time you travel, you should get a little better as you perfect your photography craft.

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